The lobby Bar


Near to the warm of its fireplace, or on its terrace overviewing the sea, the lobby bar E’skifa combines conviviality and modernity emerging from itseclectic contemporary furniture.

Rhyming with your daily desires, enjoy the pleasurable moment of a cocktail, refreshing and tasty salad, traditional club sandwich, pastries selection made by our chef Pascale Moreau for the tea time, or simply a café. The lobby bar E’skifa is the perfect venue for a business meeting, a work session, or just spending a great time with friends in a cozy, elegant and casual atmosphere.

The Lobby Bar E'skifa


Opening hours
from 9pm till 23am (Snacks are available from 12:00 a.m till 22:00a.m + tea time and pastry trolley is available from 15:00 a.m till 18:00 a.m)